2012 Volvo V30 rendering

2012 Volvo V30 rendering

When Volvo first unveiled its C30 hatch back in 2006 many questioned the automaker’s decision to ignore launching a more practical five-door model and instead offer it exclusively as a sporty three-door. As we all know Volvo’s finances quickly degraded shortly after that and launching a highly niche product like the C30 in today’s automotive market is simply too risky, especially with cautious new owner Geely pulling all the strings.

That’s why, according to latest reports, the next-generation of the Volvo C30 will spawn what the automaker’s new CEO, Stefan Jacoby, describes as a “Golf competitor”. The comment is all the more shrewd given that Jacoby is the former chief of Volkswagen in the U.S., the company behind the Golf and one of the leaders in the small car segment.

Volvo is reportedly looking at a small car designed to compete with the likes of the BMW 1-Series and upcoming Lexus CT 200h, but one that would be closer to the Golf in price. A crossover version, possibly wearing V30 badges and previewed by this computer-generated rendering, may also be launched.

In any case, a more practical and more affordable version of the C30 would be a welcome addition to Volvo’s lineup here in the U.S. and realistically should have been on sale here years ago. Sadly, if given the green light, any launch date would still be years away.

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