The Fireball Run might sound like one of the gonzo cross-country outlaw runs like the Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash (better known as the Cannon Ball Run) but it's actually a very above-board affair. Its core mission is not just to have fun or drive across the country going from track to track, but to do all of that while helping to locate missing children and to raise awareness for the Klaas Kids Foundation.

In addition to distributing tens of thousands of posters across the country and getting the message about missing kids in front of the media, the Fireball Run stops to have some fun along the way.

Each day, the teams get a mission envelope that helps point out the route. But it's not spelled out like a map--teams have to solve puzzles, work out clues, and put them together to achieve the day's goals, which are evaluated as the teams arrive at each night's destination.

Beyond the missions, there are also several track challenges, including an autocross, two road course events, and one that's so awesome we're going to save the details for the event day.

To find out more about the Fireball Run, its mission to help find missing kids, and the challenges we'll face, check out the official site.