Remember Sarah Michelle Gellar? Of course you do. She was fighting vampires before it was cool. You know, after it was cool the first time? Anyway, we haven't heard much out of her, lo these past several years (except on Robot Chicken where her voiceovers are soothing, alto ear-balm), but now she is apparently back. And she is gunning for an Academy Award.

As evidence, we present Gellar pumping gas into her Lexus RX350. (At least we've been told that's Gellar. Frankly, it looks more like a skinny LeAnn Rimes. But Rimes has never been that skinny, so using the theorem that what isn't Fish must always be Fowl, this has to be Gellar.) And do you know who else drives an RX350? Halle mother-lovin' Berry, that's who. And do you know who Halle rolls into bed with each and every solitary night? A little gold dude named Oscar.

Now that SMG has found the right vehicle, it's simply a matter of time before she lands the right star vehicle. And when she does, we suggest the members of the Academy -- you people always getting thanked from the stage of the Kodak Theater, even though we have no idea who you are -- go right ahead and vote for her. Because if TV has taught us anything, it's that Buffy will hunt you down and roundhouse kick you into the middle of next week.