The Saab 9-5 has been tagged as a 2010 model, though it won't be arriving in showrooms until July. As the car gets ready for retail sale, Saab is playing up its safety benefits today with a head-on crash-test video slamming two of the cars together at a closing speed of 120 km/h, or 74.5 mph.

On impact, the cars' front crumple zones are obliterated, but the airbags inflate instantly throughout the cabin and the passenger cell appears to be largely unaffected. The structural integrity after the crash is even good enough that the doors can still be opened and closed.

We'll have to wait a while yet for official crash ratings for the new 9-5, but from what we see in this video, it looks like it's on track for a top rating. Whether it'll be competitive, even with a starting price under $50,000, remains to be seen, however, not to mention the issue of Saab's new ownership influencing perception of the brand's permanence and stability.

[Saab via YouTube]