Audi A7 Sportback

Audi A7 Sportback

Downloadable apps have revolutionized the way we use mobile phones and soon it will change the way we use our cars too. Audi’s next-generation of cars will have computer-style dashboards with touchscreen pads as well as downloadable apps similar to those on current smartphones like the Apple iPhone.

While no specific models have been mentioned, Audi sales and marketing boss Peter Schwarzenbauer has revealed that the feature will be available in the next year or so. Customers will even be able to upgrade their cars months after the initial purchase by downloading new software programs, according to Schwarzenbauer.

It doesn’t end there. Audi’s future models will also be able to ‘learn’ certain traits and behavior of the customer, such as which destinations to select on certain days and how bad the traffic is in those areas.

Audi’s upcoming A7 will feature a new pop-out display and touchscreen pad and we can envisage this car as being one of the first to be compatible with downloadable apps.