Entry-level Porsche Roadster rendering

Entry-level Porsche Roadster rendering

Porsche and Volkswagen currently share a platform for their respective SUV models, the Cayenne and Touareg, both of which have been redesigned for the 2011 model year. Given the relative success of the two models, plus Volkswagen’s new ownership of Porsche, both automakers are now considering sharing even more technology, including whole vehicle platforms.

The information comes from Porsche’s U.S. chief, Detlev von Platen, who revealed to Automotive News that a decision will made within the next six months and announced shortly after.

"It makes sense to think about some synergies in terms of research and development, and these discussions are taking place at the moment with Volkswagen," said von Platen.

Porsche has ambitions plans to boost its sales worldwide to around 150,000 vehicles annual, up from current levels of about 75,000 units. As von Platen pointed out, reaching this target would require new products. Leveraging Volkswagen’s wealth of technology wouls also help the niche sports car brand meet toughening fuel economy and emissions standards, both in the U.S. and Europe.

The new products von Platen is almost certainly hinting at is a long-rumored entry-level roadster model built in the same vein as the original 914 and using a platform previewed by Volkswagen’s Bluesport concept. If built, the baby roadster would be a joint effort between Porsche and Volkswagen though the basic mechanicals would likely be drawn primarily from Volkswagen’s massive corporate parts bin. Pictured above is a computer-generated rendering previewing the Porsche version of the roadster. For more details, check out our previous story by clicking here.

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