Shia LeBoeuf

Shia LeBoeuf

Dear Mr. LaBeouf:

Clearly we have underestimated you.

When you first appeared on the celebrity scene, we assumed that you were the next Josh Hartnett: young and handsome, but with limited long-term prospects. The damning evidence? Your drinking habits, and your personal brand of religion. Your fondness for action films and skinny jeans didn't help.

However, you'll be happy (or perhaps indifferent) to know we have new-found respect for you. And why is that?

First, you're not a media whore. Unlike 99% of your fame-hungry Hollywood corhorts, you tend to avoid the press. It is even possible -- unfathomable, but possible -- that you don't have a Twitter account. That is, as Bananarama once said, really saying something. It is also, like a banana smoothie, very refreshing.

Just as important, you scoot around LA in a regular guy's ride: the Chevrolet Silverado, seen behind this link. You could easily buy a whole fleet of Aston Martins or Range Rovers or whatever your peers prefer this week, but instead, you've chosen something as simple and understated as the pickup every dad in America wants. Awesome. (General Motors probably thinks that's awesome, too, since they footed a hefty chunk of your last big paycheck.)

Well played, Mr. LaBeouf. Keep it up, and you could become the next Keanu Reeves -- maybe even an Yves Montand. Hell, drop the skinny jeans and anything's possible.