Earlier this morning our partner site over at AllSmallCars.com reported on the 12 customized 2011 Ford Fiestas that the Top 12 American Idols created with a team of Ford Designers (check it our here). It included a creative design by the recently voted off Lacey Brown who’s rendition of Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones just didn't have enough for America to bring her back to the show next week. The promotion, sponsored by Ford (an original sponsor since the 2002 debut of Idol), is just the first part of an interactive campaign that will get more people involved with the 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Some might say this is a reaction to naysayers that claim the Ford Fiesta flopped once in the U.S. and will flop again. Why? Small cars just don’t do well here. However, Ford is bound and determined to change the way people think about their newest global small car platform. Currently, there is a contest running on the American Idol website that features the Top 12 contestants playing paintball with six Fiestas. We can’t give away the details because that would be cheating for those entering the contest, but you can check it out here. The Ford Music Video Challenge runs until May 21, 2010, but the persistence of Ford to market the 2011 Ford Fiesta will be on going.

The result, six new fresh and edgy graphic designs that make the 2011 Ford Fiesta stand out from the crowd. Totally couldn’t miss one of these in the campus parking lot. 



[Source: Ford and American Idol]