Any Formula 1 driver is a capable, even dominant presence on track. But a pair of former world champions like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are the cream of that crop--and McLaren's current team for the 2010 season. Along with driving the over-fueled, understeering cars in competition this year, they've had the chance to take the new MP4-12C supercar on track at Goodwood, and this video shows what they thought of it.

Setting aside the fact that McLaren pays these two multi-million dollar salaries to drive their cars on track, both appear to genuinely like the new McLaren. Hamilton praises the visibility for cornering hard, while Button appreciates that the car is "so easy to drive." Both found the car very capable in terms of speed and handling. Hamilton even says, "I'll take it."

The MP4-12C was just unveiled in its final form this morning, along with the formal launch of the McLaren Automotive brand and the announcement of a new $60 million factory at the company's headquarters in Woking, England, which is already being built and scheduled to be ready for production in Spring 2011. Together with the nearly 1,000,000 miles of road testing the MP4-12C has already been subjected to, McLaren Automotive is hoping the new facility will help it turn out one of the best new supercars on the market.

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