Over the last couple of days the news and effect of the Toyota recalls has seemed to be a never-ending story. We have reported on the most recent pedal recall and incentive campaigns from GM, Ford and Hyundai (rumors say Chrysler and VW may follow). Earlier today, our partners over at AllSmallCars.com reported that the Pontiac Vibe was also affected by the Toyota pedal recall due to the NUMMI partnership (more here). However, GM may not be the only car company affected, Ford has announced that they are halting production of their Transit Classic Commercial van in China.

According ShanghaiDaily.com, Ford has a partnership with Jiangling Motors in China who uses an accelerator pedal made by CTS Corporation. CTS Corp., is at the center of the Toyota recall issues, so it is understandable that Ford would like to get ahead of any problems with their own vehicles. Currently, Jiangling Motors says there are no reported problems with the accelerator assemblies, but they are conducting a full review.

The production figures show that only about 1,600 of the Ford Transit Classic Commercial vans. In comparison to the 7.5 million cars affected by the two Toyota recalls, the risk to disappoint is much less for Ford. However, the company is airing on the side of caution.