Putting a shiny new Audi R8 into the guardrail is about the worst thing an owner could imagine right? Wrong. Try skewering that shiny new R8 onto the guardrail.

That's what this driver from Athens managed to do. Despite the appearance of having skewered the driver's area too, the man at the wheel lived, though his legs were seriously injured. Though we hesitate to call this driver lucky, he certainly beat the odds. Just look at that cockpit shot of the guard rail going right throught the steering column.

It's a sad sight, and not just because of the human cost. The R8 is clearly never going to see another corner, though some of its parts--particularly the engine--may live on in other projects.

How, exactly, this accident occurred isn't explained in the accompanying text, but WreckedExotics has many more photos of very similar accidents, so it seems it's a common set of circumstances. Hit the link below for more photos of the R8 and more examples of skewered cars.

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