Inspired by the 2010 SLS AMG, and by smoking: it's hard to describe how jet-set the latest Cigarette racing boat will seem, once it hits the water next February.

Missing only Cary Grant and Grace Kelly as jewel thieves, the latest custom Cigarette Racing boat takes a turn at the waves on February 11 at the Miami boat show. MotorAuthority's angle? The new boat wears Benz livery and will sport more than a hundred changes to give it an AMG veneer.

Among them: lightweight design in the boat's hull, a "fast and smooth ride" enabled by hull sculpting, and other touches to the boat's electronics, paint and powertrain. In all, the boat will hit a top speed higher than 120 mph, which makes it the slowest AMG in memory--but it does it on the water, which probably makes it the most watertight AMG in memory.

There's more for hydrophiles over at the Cigarette Racing site; we'll post more pictures when they surface.