It's only been a few months since GM first announced it might get rid of Saab along with Pontiac and Saturn as part of lightening its load post-bankruptcy, and the ink on the sale to the Koenigsegg Group is still wet, but already the new Saab is forging plans for the cars it will build in its post-GM era. One of the first of those will be the next-gen 9-3.

The next-gen 9-3 won't be built around a GM platform, unlike the current car. What form that might take is still unknown, however, as the plan is in its nascent stages. Cars already planned under GM's management, including the new 9-5 and the Cadillac SRX-based 9-4X crossover, will emerge before the next 9-3 arrives.

Also in the works is a new 9-1 or possibly 9-2--whatever its name, it will be a compact car, and will probably borrow styling and proportions from the 9-X BioHybrid concept shown at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

The 9-5 is already on the way, with the production version having shown its decidedly Saab face at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show on the way to an early 2010 sales debut. Also due along in early 2010 is the final production version of the 9-4X crossover, possibly to come at the 2010 Geneva show.

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