Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS

The Aston Martin Performance Driving Course is about two things--helping you understand the capability of your car in a safe and controlled environment and making you a safer, better driver. However, until now the course has been the domain of Aston Martin owners only.

Located at the Michigan Proving Ground in North America in Romeo (there are courses available in the UK and Belgium as well), the course has been up and running for the past four years. Now, for a fee of $2,500, anyone can enrol for the day-long course and drive any model from the current lineup.

Furthermore, Aston Martin has also hired a performance driving administrator to assist people attending the course. Unlike similar driving programs offered by automakers, Aston Martin provides one-on-one instruction with world-class drivers for the entire length of the course.

During the day, a blend of theory and hands-on practice allow participants to drive in a number of different environments where they can experience safe high speed driving on tracks specifically designed for this purpose, car dynamics on handling and hill routes, and straight line power delivery and braking on the straights.

Aston Martin is hoping that by allowing anyone to enrol in the course, more and more people will be able to discover the brand and then tell their friends about it. If it remains successful, the automaker will launch a second course in a more southern location for the winter months.

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