Mercedes-Benz has launched a new website that offers information and several applications featuring classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The dedicated website allows users to navigate the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Classic Center, Archive and Collection, Young Classics, Mercedes-Benz Clubs and Classic Magazine menus, however, the star feature is a new iPhone application.

Called ‘Silver Star’, the new app has been designed for both the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and features up to 64 racing legends--from the first Silver Arrow of 1934 to the 2008 world championship car driven by Lewis Hamilton.

Most of the cars featured in this app can be seen in original size on the banked display of racing cars in the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Other features available through the website include the ‘Classic Live’ function, where all the Web 2.0 activities of Mercedes-Benz Classic are grouped on one page--any Twitter, Facebook and Flickr fans will be able to spend countless hours here. Head over now to to see what else is on offer.