Forget the Real Housewives of Atlanta--please, for God's sake, all of the south is begging you forget them. (Except maybe for NeNe and her girls.) This is how they roll in the ATL.

You write a sharp essay, and Ludacris gives you the keys to a car.

Wait, did we miss something? We write all day long in the ATL but we didn't get any media notice. But apparently, rap entrepreneur Ludacris--his credits include "Chicken-n-Beer," "Move That Sh**," "P-Poppin'," and spots on Crank Yankers--did more of the right thing this weekend and awarded 20 people the keys to cars, along with free gas for a month.

'Cris told the AP that he did it because people are out of work, and need a way to get to a new job. The entrants wrote 300-word essays on why they needed it, and the Ludacris Foundation chose 20 as winners. The "Stars for Cars" contest had about 4,000 entries, according to the organizers.

"To be efficient, you need some transportation of your own to get there," the rapper--who turns 32 on Friday--told the AP. "That's why I wanted to give back to those who need it."

The winners have to pay tax, tags and title. They include a Sudanese man whose family was killed in his home country, then who lost his son in the U.S. in a drunk-driving accident.

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