Stillen Nissan GT-R Targa Race Car

Stillen Nissan GT-R Targa Race Car

Automotive performance and motorsports company Stillen has revealed final details for its new Nissan GT-R race car, which is set to compete in the upcoming Newfoundland Targa Rally in Canada. The car has made it across the country--via a FedEx Transporter--and is currently settled in Maine, awaiting Steve Millen’s arrival to drive it the rest of the way into Newfoundland.

The car has been in the works for the past six months and recently conducted a few shakedown runs to gather some performance numbers. First and foremost is the car’s 620 horsepower rating, which was achieved using regular 91 octane gasoline but with boost from the turbochargers dialled up to 15 psi.

This was enough to see the car sprint from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and pass the quarter mile in 11 seconds flat with a 127.9 mph trap speed.

Some of the modifications to the powertrain include a new set of downpipes, removal of the catalytic converter, a new intake system with K&N filters, an electronic boost controller and a pair of blow-off-valves.

To ensure all that power safely reaches the ground, Stillen also adds new coil-overs with Eibach Race Springs, adjustable sway bars and endlinks, AP Racing carbon-ceramic brakes, and Bridgestone tires measuring up to 285 mm in the rear.

Inside, there’s a full roll-cage and a pair of racing bucket seats. External mods include a new front lip spoiler, side skirts, canards, and carbon-fiber replacements for the bonnet, trunk lid, rear wing, air ducts and side mirrors.