Porsche is close to launching a new generation of its 911 GT3 RS and it seems like a week can’t go by without some new information being revealed. Recently an undisguised version of the track-focused special was spotted in a garage near Porsche’s headquarters in Germany, and now we have some new details about the engine that will feature in the car.

For previous GT3 RS generations, Porsche typically went with a more powerful version of the engine found in the tamer 911 GT3, which the GT3 RS is derived from. However, Auto Express, citing Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz, is reporting that the new GT3 RS will feature an all-new engine. The new engine is said to be a naturally-aspirated six-cylinder unit, and after launching in the new GT3 RS is expected to appear in other 911 variants.

In GT3 RS tradition, Porsche was originally planning to go with an uprated version of the 475-horsepower 3.8-liter flat-six in the latest GT3 but is thought to have run into trouble extracting more power from the engine reliably. A turbocharger is said to have been considered at one point but now it looks like an entirely new naturally-aspirated engine will be employed.

Other details that we know about the new GT3 RS is that it will feature a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission, four-wheel steering, and more aggressive styling than what’s found on the GT3. The latter is to help further differentiate the GT3 RS from the GT3.

Interestingly, Auto Express is also reporting that Hatz didn’t rule out a conventional manual transmission for the GT3 RS in the longer term. It appears that if there’s enough demand for one Porsche may just build a manual-equipped GT3 RS.


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