It's no secret... we're dying to get an eye and ear-full of the latest Stuttgart track assassin. We're talking about the 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which we've seen in spy photos as well as in scale model form. Now it seems that the car has made its debut, in a quiet parking garage in Germany, by way of Instagram.

These photos, and others like 'em, posted by Instagram user Johan9ff (via Jalopnik) pretty much reveal the car in full. Well, at least the exterior. The 2015 GT3 RS was spied just resting in a parking spot, looking both angry and abused. This particular Porsche has probably spent a fair amount of its life being pushed to its limit, which is what we hope eventual GT3 RS owners will with their own cars.

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It's clear that the scale model version we saw was on the money. The same ducted flanks appears on both cars, which means the toy looks cool and the real version is requiring some serious cooling. Perhaps the sure-to-be-massive front brakes need serious cooling so that repeated stops from triple digits are nothing to be concerned about.

Unfortunately, Porsche is yet to confirm what's powering the car, with some suggesting it may even be turbocharged. Either way, we're getting excited that it's almost time for the world to have a new GT3 RS.

The wailing exhaust note will be a welcome bit of noise in an already loud world.


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