Just days after reporting its first loss since Carlos Ghosn took the helm in 1999, Nissan is looking for ways to get back on track, and Ghosn thinks that means tightening its relationship with Renault. More cooperation could mean lower total costs and therefore more profitability, but the specifics have yet to emerge.

Finding more areas to cooperate could mean sharing even more engines than the already-shared eight, sharing existing platforms and halting development of new platforms for the near future. The engine sharing alone could generate up to $675 million in additional earnings, reports Reuters.

How the company's financial plans impact its interest in the up-for-sale Saturn brand or its plans for further cooperation in the EV sector with Better Place and its own initiatives isn't clear, but those projects aren't expected to fall by the wayside yet.
The alliance also has plans to build an ultra-low cost car (a la Tata's Nano) in cooperation with Bajaj auto, and a plan to expand into the Russian market with AvtoVaz.