Americans don't know what to think about diesel, and when they do, they usually think it's a clattery, foul-smelling solution best left to freight-movers and trains. But the reality of today's diesel-powered cars is much different, and Volkswagen is out to inform the public through a new site called 'TDI Truth & Dare'.

Focusing on racing accomplishments, green credentials, tax credits and comparative benefits over hybrids, the new VW site aims to fun-wash the already green-washed clean diesel technology in its Jetta and Touareg vehicles.

For a taste of just what the Germans are doing to make the Jetta TDI seem like a better buy than a hybrid or other alternative, check out this Jetta TDI vs. Toyota Prius video from the site below.

Jetta TDI vs. Toyota Prius - fun and efficiency