With another surprisingly attractive and forward-looking design, Hyundai's Nuvis Concept carries on the string of successful show concepts for the brand. The Nuvis is a crossover that's intended to make the most of an urban lifestyle, taking elements from many body styles to fit a unique set of needs.

Part coupe, part hatch and part SUV, the Nuvis takes a new look at what the crossover ought to be. “Our goal was to create a living machine, constantly moving, that the driver and passengers could be part of,” said John Krsteski, Hyundai Design manager. “There are no lines on or in this car that are standing still.”

The exterior epitomizes Hyundai's latest round of design thought and takes it to the next level with a huge set of gullwing doors. Sharp 22in wheels give the car an even more dramatic look, and with the current trends in production car wheels, they can't be ruled out for final production should the Nuvis, or something like it, be approved.

Inside, the dynamic theme continues with heavily contoured and curvaceous surfaces. Typically concept-only, expect a much tamer version of Hyundai's current interiors to grace any eventual production example, just as the gullwings are likely to be replaced with a standard two or four-door configuration.

Power for the concept comes from a Theta II 2.4L engine coupled to a 30kW hybrid system and a six-speed automatic transmission. Start-stop, custom acceleration and deceleration maps, exhaust gas recirculation and regenerative braking all play a role in the BlueDrive system. Interestingly, the Hyundai hybrid system uses lithium polymer - not lithium ion - for its battery pack, maximizing storage capacity while minimizing weight and space, fitting 5.3Ah and 270V output into the package.

At an estimated 3,400lbs and 228hp (170kW), the combination promises strong fuel economy (34mpg city/35mpg highway estimated) and low emissions while maintaining the ability to navigate even the quickest and fiercest U.S. streets. The same hybrid drive system will soon debut in the Sonata in the U.S.

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