You may have read about the global financial crisis turning Bentley to furniture production to keep its staff occupied, but this week's instalment of 'weird products from carmakers’ at least is a little more related to the world of motoring - although not by much.

Maserati's stand at last week’s Geneva Motor Show reflected the brand's commitment to the environment with the display of a new model with zero-emissions. Although the new model may have been a simple pedal-powered bicycle, its superb construction and focus on both sporting prowess and comfort fits in well with Maserati's overall brand focus. While you wouldn't really want to pick up a date with one of these, there may be a rare combination of environmentalists and petrol heads who will be very pleased with Maserati's decision to go ahead and lend its name to a bicycle.

Built by renowned Italian manufacturer Milani, this is not the sort of bike you pottered around on as a kid. Built using steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber, the bicycle can be suited to different purposes - one for speed and racing (Veloce), and one for more leisurely uses (Turismo).

The bike is also finished in Maserati's traditional dark blue livery, and features the Maserati logo along its frame. Available in five sizes ranging from 'small' to 'extra extra large', prices for the bike begin at €3,000 and go all the way up to €6,000.