Luxury carmakers have a knack for stamping their logos on almost anything, from pens, to laptops and watches. But the latest direction Bentley is turning for additional revenue has left us scratching our heads a little - the 90-year old company has started producing furniture, including tables and cabinets.

At first we thought that perhaps Bentley's recent 10% pay cut imposed on all of its employees may have caused some screws to come loose in upper management, but the reality of the situation is that the global economic crisis has forced the company to seek creative solutions to keep its workers employed.

This means that leftover walnut wood used for car dashboards will be used to make wooden furniture by a staff of 140 at Bentley, reports the Telegraph. The company will be using what would have been wasted material, as well as providing work for its employees - and at the end of the day Bentley may even be able to sell the furniture to the public if there is demand. As Bentley says, there would be no point in wasting the skills of its craftsmen, some of whom have worked in the company woodwork shops for over four decades, and the plan will allow numerous employees to be retained throughout the recession.

For now, the Bentley furniture will be used to refurbish showrooms and company offices. Eventually, if there is enough demand, Bentley may sell pieces to the public but this still remains uncertain.