Valentino Rossi believes he turned down his only opportunity to switch to Formula 1.

A few years ago, the Italian and multiple MotoGP champion tested Ferrari's single seaters and was believed to have been offered the 2006 race seat alongside Michael Schumacher.

Rossi, now 29, ultimately opted to stay on two wheels, but has admitted he often wonders if he made the right decision.

"In 2006 I decided to stay with the bike and, of course, I still have some doubts, but just to climb inside the red car at Mugello and work with Ferrari was fantastic," he said, referring to his recent outing at the wheel of last year's F2008.

On the day of the launch of this year's Yamaha mount on Monday, Rossi pledged a "few more years" to the world of premier motorcycling and said a future in rallying is possible.

He played down the possibility of another flirt with F1, despite the results of his latest Mugello test.

"To try the Ferrari again was a great emotion. I have always been a great fan of racing cars, not just of rally. I was fast, so I was happy; I am fast enough also in F1.

"I had my chance and I decided to stay with bikes. The choice is made and I don't think that there will be another possibility."