Back in September Chrysler showed off three vehicles designed to show the world that it too could keep up with Ford and GM as they developed low emissions powertrains for the future. One of those vehicles was essentially a Lotus Europa with Chrysler badging, but this was understandable as the project was in its initial stages.

Today, the company showed off what was supposed to be a Dodge electric sports car, however, they have again chosen to simply re-brand a Lotus Europa, this time adding some additional Dodge styling cues to make it look more original.

Chrysler claims the Dodge Circuit EV is capable of some impressive figures – 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds and a standing quarter mile in 13 seconds - figures that would make any sports car proud, let alone an electric one.

The Dodge Circuit EV uses three powertrain components for propulsion. These include a 268hp electric motor, a lithium-ion battery system for power, and a controller that manages energy flow. The lithium-ion battery is expected to give the Dodge Circuit EV a driving range of around 150-200 miles depending on the way it's driven. It's charged using a 110v household power outlet, but the charging time can be cut in half by using a 220v outlet. Regenerative braking is also used to help increase the range.

Despite the lofty claims by Chrysler you won't be seeing the Dodge Circuit EV in your driveway any time soon. The vehicle is purely a concept, and the fact that it uses a Lotus underbody implies that a production version of a vehicle like this is years away.

Also on show in Detroit is the Jeep Patriot range-extended EV concept, which you can read about by clicking here.