Germany’s Wiesmann has built and delivered almost 1,000 examples of its MF sports car in both GT and Roadster bodystyles, however all of these have been built in left-hand-drive only. The company has now announced that it will start building right-hand-drive models from March of next year, with the current V8-powered MF4 and V10-powered MF5 being the first cars to be available with the steering wheel on the right.

Wiesmann is looking to boost its international profile and has been receiving strong demand from right-hand-drive markets such as the UK, Japan, India, South Africa and Australia. If demand remains strong, Wiesmann plans to launch right-hand-drive versions of its Roadster model by early 2010.

The company, based in Dülmen, Germany, also recently celebrated its 20th birthday and to mark the occasion released a special '20th Anniversary Editions' version of its MF3 two-seater roadster, the MF4 closed-top Grand Tourer and the high-performance MF5.

Wiesmann builds most of its components in-house, however some parts, such as engines and transmissions, are sourced from BMW.