Recent reports about the demise of launch control in Nissan's GT-R aside, the cars sold in the UK and Europe next year will be getting a range of upgrades as well. Those upgrades have now been confirmed for Europe, including a 5hp (3kW) bump in power to 478hp (356kW) and stickier Dunlop tires, like those used for the car's blistering 'Ring run.

The 'Series II' cars destined for Japanese sale in 2009 were recently detailed by a Nissan executive, who also confirmed that the current hidden launch control system will be removed due to durability issues with repeated use and the dual-clutch gearbox. The upgrades to European and U.S. cars alike had been forecasted as far back as May of this year.

Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST tires will add grip, while re-tuned spring rates will deliver a better ride. Other changes include the 'White Storm' paint color also confirmed for the Japanese market, though price rises will only reach the 4% range instead of the 10% seen in Japan, climbing to £56,795 for the base model and £58,095 for Premium models, according to the company's UK division. The special Black Edition will sell for £59,395.

Pre-orders for the cars already stretch past the 2,500 mark, so despite the fact that deliveries will start in April, new purchasers will have to wait until the middle of 2010 before their cars will arrive.