For all the doubters who thought the Bugatti Veyron wouldn’t even make it out of testing and that Volkswagen (Bugatti’s parent company) were kidding themselves by producing a world-beating supercar, prepare to get owned. Bugatti dealers across the U.S. already have a total of 30 confirmed orders for the $1.4 million supercar.

That figure is nothing to sneeze at considering deposits alone are close to $400k. Then there’s the mandatory 'supercar' waiting time (anything from 6 months to a year). Remember, Bugatti is only pumping out 50 Veyrons a year and plan to stop at the grand total of 450.

The U.S. is not alone in its craze for the Veyron. The U.K. was previously leading the world’s sales chart with 15 confirmed orders.

Still, Bugatti makes a loss on each Veyron it sells. It's important to remember that the Veyron is a halo car for the Bugatti brand, with rumoured plans of an all new supersedan and smaller roadster coming from Bugatti; it seems VW weren’t that crazy after all.


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