Audi is set to launch a new subcompact crossover called the Q1 in late 2016, though sadly the vehicle has not yet been confirmed for the U.S. market and may never come if Audi’s willingness to introduce the equally-small A1 over here is any indication. Nevertheless, we now have some new details on the pintsized Audi soft-roader.

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According to Drive, the vehicle will share its underpinnings with the A1, though it’s not clear if the underpinnings will be the current A1’s PQ25 platform or a next-generation design. To help spread development costs, Volkswagen will get its own version of the Q1, based loosely on 2012’s Taigun concept.

Powertrains will be shared with the A1, meaning a range of three- and four-cylinder engines in both diesel and gasoline flavors. A hybrid is a possibility, though the Q1’s low expected pricing may rule this option out until later in the vehicle’s life when the cost of the technology comes down. A sporty SQ1 is also a distinct possibility now that the A1 has its own S1 variant.

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This teaser sketch of the Q1 was released by Audi one year ago. Although the design is likely to have evolved since then, the teaser still gives us a general idea of what to expect.


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