From Germany’s city of gold, Pforzheim, comes the first ever gold Porsche. The creation of small company by the name of Visualis, the golden Porsche was gilded out of 22 carat beaten gold at the hands of artists rather than factory workers. The car of choice was a Boxster (since it's Porsche’s smallest model) and is the first of nine limited edition models.

No part was left untouched. All the controls, steering wheel and door knobs down to the car’s body and wheels was transformed to gold. These cars are not just for art galleries only, all nine will be sold to some very wealthy owners. We don’t know about how safe it would be to park one of these on a public street though. If the BMW M Roadster is under demand from thieves, imagine this car!

Currently the car is making the rounds at several local motorshows, but stay tuned for the first images of the golden masterpiece.