With the number of sales for Porsche reaching close to the 100,000 per year mark, the exclusive performance brand is in trouble of becoming a little too common. For the model year ending July 31st 2006, Porsche had sold 90,000 vehicles and with plans to release an all new four-door model and possible GT Coupe, this number can only go up. To give you an idea of just how many Porsches are sold, luxury marque Jaguar made around 100,000 sales last year.

One of the biggest problems is protecting exclusivity while increasing profit. Porsche is well aware of the issue and is protecting resale values by resisting discounting and limiting supply. New models such as the Cayenne have changed the face of the traditional Porsche buyer. A new less expensive V6 version will only lower the entry level into this once exclusive brand but Porsche is adamant that the label will remain desirable.

Porsche is currently one of the most profitable car companies and is determined to stay that way. Its strategy to maintain its lead and increase market share is to release an onslaught of new vehicles and facelifts.

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911 Turbo coupe Aug

Cayman 2.7 coupe Oct

Boxster convertible upgrade Oct

911 GT3 coupe Dec

911 Targa 4/Targa 4S Dec

911 GT3 RS Early 2007

Cayenne facelift/V6 2007

911 Turbo Cabriolet Late 2007

911 Turbo S coupe 2008

911 GT2 coupe 2008

Panamera sedan 2009