Insurance bills, servicing fees, horrendous mileage figures, and then there’s the depreciation – owning a supercar is a never ending nightmare. The statement “don’t buy the car if you can’t afford to run it” couldn’t be truer in the case of supercars. However, if you’re considering buying a car that costs more than most people’s homes, then you’re probably not struggling too much when the price of fuel shoots up a couple of cents.

Trips down to the local shopping mall could end up costing a small fortune if someone's careless enough to clip your Lamborghini when opening their door. The price of the front bumper you just scrapped over that last speed hump will set you back £8,206. The headlights on your SLR you just cracked by running into the car in front will cost a cool £2,870 to replace - each.

Now you’re heading home and it’s time to fill up again. You’ve probably become a regular at the filling station, with fuel mileage of less that 15mpg. But why does everything have to cost so much? It’s simply a matter of economies of scale. That’s the cost you pay to join the exclusive club of supercar ownership.

[Source: Times Online]