Nissan is planning to build cars with equipment that would prevent drunk drivers from operating the vehicles amid concerns over a spate of accidents involving drunk drivers in Japan.

Other Japanese automakers may follow suit in view of growing public awareness against drunken driving. Last month an accident in Fukuoka killed three children.

One of the systems Nissan is considering fitting to its vehicles is a tube installed next to the driver's seat. The engine won't start if the device detects alcohol in a density greater than a certain level when the driver blows into it. Such devices have already been commercialized, so the cost of implementing them will be lower.

They’re also considering a system where the driver has to enter a long PIN number before the car can start, with the idea being a drunk person won’t be able to remember the full number. But there are obvious drawbacks to this as the person can simply note the PIN on paper or a mobile phone.