Toyota’s Auris concept, which is basically a pre-production model of the next generation Corolla, will offer a new level of space and comfort in the small car segment. Adopting Toyota’s new Vibrant Clarity design theme, the Auris has a more upmarket feel than many of its rivals.

The car will be launched in European markets in spring of 2007 and should feature the same bodywork as the concept car minus the 19in wheels and chrome plated exhaust pipes. The Auris name, which is derived from the Latin name, Aurum, meaning gold, carries Toyota’s naming practice of adding an “is” to the end of the name (Avensis and Yaris). However, the Auris name will be used for Europe only while other markets receive the Corolla nameplate.

Inside, controls are focused towards both driver and passengers. All the controls including the shift lever are at chest level on the centre console, which is said to save space. The flat floor and high roofline further add to a feeling of roominess.