Audi may add another Q-car to its ranks with a possible Q6 Sport Activity Coupe. Pegged to go head-to-head with the rumoured BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLK from Audi’s German competitors, this new soft-roader would create a new niche for sporty off-roaders with coupe-like styling—a cross between regular SUVs and sporty coupes.

An article from German magazine AutoZeitung mentions that the Q6 is still in consideration by Audi bosses and that the "Q6" name was recently registered in Germany. The expected release date is somewhere in 2010 with a price point below the Q7 and upcoming Q5.

This rendering by AutoZeitung shows what the new Audi may look like. Porsche’s update for its next generation Cayenne is also supposedly adopting the coupe styling trend.


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