Back in the early 90’s, the Jaguar XJ220 supercar held the title of the world’s fastest production vehicle, with a tested top speed of 212.3 mph, until it was beaten by the famous McLaren F1 in 1994. During this time, the Sultan of Brunei and his brother Prince Jefri commissioned Italian design house Pininfarina to create at least one customised version of the car that’s said to be even faster than the original, and this was added to his famous collection of 5000 cars.

Similar to the work that went into creating the recent Glickenhaus P4/5, the Sultan’s XJ220 received an extensive reworking of its body as well as a drop in its weight. Exact details of the customised version are scarce, however, from the image we can tell that the car has new fixed headlights instead of the heavy pop-up units from the original, while the rear is adorned with dual areo wings. Today the car would sit amongst other such greats including two black McLaren F1 LMs and four Ferrari FXs among others, but were not sure if the Sultan still has the legendary car.