Audi’s new R8 won’t hit US showrooms for at least 12 months, but the German carmaker does offer some comfort with the news that the R8 will make its American debut at the newly created Audi Forum in New York City.

An article on Audi site Fourtitude mentions that a procession of Audis, being led by the new R8, will make its way down Park Avenue after 10AM EST next Wednesday. Other mentionable cars will include the R10 TDI Le Mans car and a 1938 Auto Union Type D Silver Arrow, one of the world’s first mid-engined race cars.

The R8 will remain on display in the Audi Forum for roughly a month, but another R8 is tipped to make a showing at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, Australia this month as well. Confirmed for the Aussie show also, will be another R10 racer alongside the TT Coupe, plus new S6 and S8 models.


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