Volvo’s 2007 XC90 SUV will feature DivX playback with its optional Rear Seat Entertainment System. Sourced from Visteon, the new player will be the first factory installed unit to support the DivX certification and allows you to play all your downloaded videos, legal or not. DivX is a video format that became popular because of its ability to compress large movie files into much smaller ones with relatively high-quality. A full movie can often fit onto a single CD.

As a DivX Certified device, Visteon's DVD player supports high quality playback of all versions of DivX video, purchased or rented DivX movies, and most of the content available from the web. The system installed in the XC90 consists of two seven-inch LCDs mounted in the back of the driver and front-passenger headrests. To make sure the driver is not distracted, the unit comes with a pair of infrared wireless headsets for silent viewing. We're sure the other manufacturers will be releasing new models with DivX playback soon.