Swedish video game entrepreneur Bo Stefan M. Eriksson has pleaded no contest to embezzling two supercars and being a felon in possession of a firearm. You may recall that Eriksson, who has already pleaded no contest to drunken driving charges, was arrested after crashing a Ferrari Enzo at 162 mph in a drag race earlier this year.

Eriksson has now been sentenced to three years prison as part of the plea, which comes just four days after the deadlocked mistrial for his fraud and grand theft charges. The Swede had previously spent five years in a prison back home during the 1990s for assault, extortion and other crimes, and is getting off light this time considering that he was facing up to an eleven year sentence.

Instead, he could be out of prison in a year because of time served and good behavior, according to lawyers. Prosecutors commented that Eriksson will face deportation upon his release and will not be allowed to return to the United States. It looks like the Enzogate saga has finally come to an end after more twists than a corkscrew roller coaster.


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