China’s isolated auto industry has more than 130 national car manufacturers competing for the domestic market. A lack of designers has seen Chinese car companies stealing the design of Western manufacturers for the development of almost identical copy cars. The new Roewe brand can be excluded, as its parent company SAIC owns the rights to the original Rover designs on which its cars are based.

However, BYD CAR is guilty of not only ripping of the designs from several German and Japanese car manufacturers, they’ve gone so far as to copy the famous spinning propeller label from BMW.

Now, China’s Shuanghuan has developed its own version of the X5 labeled the CEO. The vehicle blends the rear styling of the BMW SUV with a front section reminiscent of a Toyota Land Cruiser. The CEO rides on older body-on-frame construction sitting on leaf spring suspension, and is considered a modern car in its home market.


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