Despite the millions of dollars spent on drink-driving deterrents each year, the number of drivers being caught intoxicated behind the wheel hasn't declined significantly. There’s now a push for the installation of mandatory alcohol detectors to all vehicles in the US, which could be connected to your car’s ignition system. Test over the limit and you won’t be able to start your car.

The movement is being backed by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving association as well as a group of highway officials and car manufacturers. The rule would see even first time offenders forced to install the devices within their vehicles in-line with existing rules in many states that require people convicted several times to use the device.

The New York Times reports that New Mexico, the first state to force first-time offenders to use the device, saw a 12% drop in alcohol-related fatalities last year. Further, a company in that same state is developing an unobtrusive method of testing for alcohol in the blood stream that works by shining a light through the skin on the forearm and analyzing what bounces back. Also, Saab is currently testing in Sweden a breath tester attached to a key chain that prevents a car from starting if it senses too much alcohol.