Automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin’s latest venture to bring budget cars from China’s Chery brand to the US has come to an end. His company, Visionary Vehicles, was planning to import up to 250,000 Chery-produced cars to North America, with a long-term plan of even greater volumes. However, AutoWeek reports that because of Chery’s wish to work more closely with the established western carmakers, namely Fiat and DCX, Bricklin’s ambitious plan likely became unravelled.

This latest news is sure to be a disappointment for Visionary Vehicles, who has spent some two years on the project. The company is yet to comment on the announcement, but Bricklin has added that they’ll focus on conceiving its own lineup to be built in China as well.

There’s no word on which company Visionary Vehicles will partner with, but they haven’t ruled Chery out because of Bricklin’s strong ties with its president Yin Tongyao. Other possibilities include China’s FAW, SAIC and Geely.