Toyota’s new baby car, the Auris, has been launched in Europe at the Bologna Motor Show. The Auris is one of the most important cars in Toyota’s lineup because it replaces the Corolla nameplate in some regions. The reason behind the change is to alter perceptions about Toyota cars. The Corolla has a long history but this has been a hinderance in bringing new buyers to the brand. “Creating a new name for the new car was a key priority for us,” said Andrea Formica, Toyota Europe, Senior Vice President for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales.

“In order to achieve our step change in volume growth in Europe, we needed to change people’s perceptions of our C-segment hatchback”.

“We believe we have succeeded. The different clinics we have conducted showed an enthusiastic reaction across the markets. The main spontaneous reactions from people were the words: futuristic, high class and attractive. These words perfectly match our brand DNA.”

Toyota has high hopes for the Auris and plans on selling 200,000 a year. Around 130,000 will be built in England, while the rest will be produced in a factory in Turkey.