The TH!NK electric car may be returning in a big way if the new owners of the brand get their way. Though it was bought by Ford, they quietly dumped the project a couple of years back. TH!NK was recently taken over by a Norwegian investment group with plans to sell a new car internationally by licensing production. Now, the two-seater is expected to make a return in 2007 with a completely redesigned drivetrain and exterior. The second generation city car will get creature comforts like power windows and power steering, a better safety system including ABS, and new interior, reports Auto Express. The body will be made of plastic, which should reduce weight dramatically, though we’d like to see whether it will remain as safe as a standard car.

With a range of 185km (115 miles), the car’s primary function will be as a city runabout. Development work on the new TH!NK city is nearly complete, and the car will initially be produced in Norway.