A recent drop in world oil prices has made motorists in the US less concerned about buying ultra fuel-efficient vehicles. So much so that carmakers have started to offer incentives on some electric-hybrid models, including Toyota’s own Prius, for the first time. Some of the deals are similar to those inducements given on big gas guzzling SUVs back when US gasoline prices were around $3 a gallon. Late last year, cars like the Prius were in such short supply that buyers would have to wait months or pay premiums to guarantee delivery.

The latest round of deals going on the hybrids includes 0% financing and cash back offers. Starting this month for the first time ever, Prius buyers in the US can get 0% financing for two years or lease payments as low as $219 a month, says Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong. Other discounted models include hybrid versions of the Honda Accord as well as the Ford Escape and its Mariner cousin pictured above.

The low gas prices are not the only threat to hybrid vehicles, new ultra-efficient diesel models, some of which achieve better mileage than their hybrid counterparts, are starting to enter the US market and are growing in popularity.