The Geneva Motor Show saw the unveiling of Toyota’s new Hybrid X concept car today, a crucial model that highlights the future design trend of its hybrid models as well as a showcase of upcoming technologies. The Hybrid X has been created and developed by Toyota’s European styling centre in the south of France, and is conceived as a four door, four seater vehicle for families concerned about the environment.

A new design that features two ‘U’ shapes created by the massive upper glass frame area and the unconventional A and C pillars reveal an X shape when viewed from above, hence the name of the concept, Hybrid X. The vehicle also features 20in wheels, headlamps integrated into the dashboard and LED details.

The interior gets an artistic drawing printed on the inside door panel, and the driver can set the ambience within the car via an interface that can control the four senses of sight, sound, touch and smell. LED lighting systems within the car provide a variety of illumination, while a perfume diffuser refreshers the air. The drive-by-wire steering pad features a screen that relays information about energy flow path, fuel consumption and gear position, while the seats utilize injected foam for extra comfort and swivel by up to 12 degrees. Toyota will also be showcasing its FT-HS hybrid sports car alongside the Hybrid X.

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