In a surprise move, the head of Bugatti Thomas Bscher has resigned and it’s rumored that he left his post because of the frustration faced under the leadership of Volkswagen Group boss Martin Winterkorn. German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that Bscher was a key backer for the introduction of a second Bugatti model, but when asked about the possibility of a new model, Winterkorn acknowledged that it might be Bscher’s wish, but added “some wishes will stay dreams.”

The head of VW AG’s Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, has said that it was conceivable for Bugatti to launch a second model, telling reporters “if the synergies in the company are used correctly, I can imagine seeing a second model from Bugatti.” However, he also said that Bugatti models in the future must make a return of between 12 and 13% and the priority at the moment is for VW to make money in the luxury segment with its Phaeton sedan.

The focus of the company is now placed on VW with Winterkorn determined to move the brand up market. VW will also concentrate on releasing its new entry-level model positioned below the Fox hatch that’s due for release by 2009 with prices starting below €8,000.


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