After the enormous interest in our previous story on the new LED headlights in the Audi R8, we've decided to give you the latest updates to the LED system Lexus plans to introduce in the flagship LS 600h. Unlike the all-LED system that Audi will debut on its R8 sports car at the end of the year, the Lexus units only use the efficient diodes for its low-beam projectors.

Lexus will still offer conventional halogen lamps or optional xenon units but the advantage of LEDs is as clear as night and day. The average life span of LEDs is approximately 15 years without any reduction in the light beam’s intensity or color. They are also very reliable, maintenance free, and the light response time is very quick, taking just 0.1 of second to reach full intensity.

Their best feature, however, is the ultra-low power usage, which in turn leads to less fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions. The two headlight units of the Lexus LS 600h consist of three LED lenses for the headlight low beam, two LEDS for illuminating close range and a xenon headlight for the high beam.

The headlights can also swivel up to 20 degrees from center depending on the steering angle and the given speed of the vehicle, and automatically reduces brightness when approaching oncoming traffic.