Porsche is set to launch its own DSG-style dual-clutch gearbox that will be called ‘PDK’, short for Porsche Doppel Kupplungen or Porsche Double Clutches. Though Volkswagen was one of the first carmakers to offer dual-clutch systems on its cars, Porsche was actually one of the pioneers of the innovative transmission.

The sports carmaker used the design for some of its race cars during the 1980s, and now it’s set to be available in Porsche’s production cars, as reported by What Car? magazine.

Gear changes will be activated via F1-style paddles behind the steering wheel that control two separate clutches, one for the odd numbered gears and the other for the even ones.

There’s no word on when it will first appear on the market or for which vehicles, but considering acceleration will most likely be quicker than regular manual boxes we suspect most of the lineup will get the double-clutch option. Earlier reports suggested that a seven-speed unit would debut in the new 911 Turbo, but the gearbox apparently wasn’t ready in time.